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Quantum Energy Quips

Before I get into what may be a rambling, confusing blog for some, let me define a few things:  I hate labels, but others find labels comforting.  A label lets them pop me into a definite spot in their relations with me.  So, I call myself an energy-worker or a spiritualist.  Others call me a witch.  No matter, it’s all good as far as I’m concerned, and none of it really fits.

I’m a catalyst.  The definition of catalyst is: 1. a substance that causes or speeds a chemical reaction without itself being affected.  2. anything that precipitates an event.

I’m definition number two.  An odd pattern became noticeable as I traveled the journey of energy-work.  The first time I would do a spell, ritual, meditation, drum walk, etc. it would be great.  I’d get wonderful results.  If I tried it again, it would fail.  Within a week or a month, I’d meet someone or someone in my energy circle (we called it a circle instead of a coven, since a few of my darlings didn’t want to be labeled witches) would ask about the particular working I’d just done.  And, ping! – the light would go on.  I’d pass the info along or do the working with my friend and there you go, they’d have it, it was learned.  And working with me, made it easier for them.

Once the torch (so to speak) was passed, I could again do the working with positive results.  Those were small changes, though, and fun.  Learning, discovering, sharing, is always fun.  To me, all energy work is fun, and when it benefited others; ah, that was the best!

I also learned a bit about quantum physics, quantum mechanics, and how quantum energy worked with metaphysics and regular energy-work.  The definition of quantum is: 1. quantity or amount.  2.  Physics. a very small, indivisible quantity of energy.  3.  sudden and significant : a quantum increase in productivity.

I always knew I was highly empathic, able to feel or sense the emotions and pain of others.  Maybe it became honed on its own because of my childhood – when you live with cross-addicted and abusive people, it helps to sense their mood immediately.  Those few seconds of extra sensing would allow me to decide if I needed to run, hide, or silently obey.  It was a useful gift, and also a curse.  Sitting in the Emergency Room to pick up my mom after work was a confusing trip inside me – I could “feel” everyone’s aches and pains.  The woman in labor on the chair opposite me – yep, I’d get cramps.  The guy with the broken foot, indeed, my own foot would flare into an ache.

I had no mentor or teacher then, no idea how to control or shield, and, again, I think that household inadvertently trained me.  It’s a fact that when people live or work together, they “mesh” to a degree.  Female co-workers suddenly realize their menses have synchronized; if one person in a house is broadcasting high emotion, everyone else will begin to feel the same way.  Humans are all empaths, in varying degrees.  We can put ourselves in the other person’s shoes; empathy allows us to feel compassion and mercy toward others.

But the gift of metaphysical empathy, talented empathy, takes it to the quantum level.  Meta-empaths go beyond just feeling the normal range from others.  A meta-empath can reach through anyone’s natural mental and metaphysical shield to sense exactly what the other person is feeling or touch a person exactly where they are hurting.  A trained meta-path can take that negative energy into her hand, without absorbing it into herself, and flick it away, making her subject feel better.  She can manifest a sudden and significant change in her subject.

And yes, even so-called normal humans, untrained humans, have a natural shield.  If you don’t want someone – even a trained psychic or meta-physician – scanning you, if you don’t want them in, sharing your energy or “reading your mind,” they can’t get in.  Everyone is psychic in some way, and Nature gave us natural barriers against unwanted intrusion – probably to keep us from going crazy.

But if you want help, if you are broadcasting a need, a meta can help you and you will let them in.  Again, we all do it, in small, untrained, ways.  The lady who gives everyone, including strangers, hugs – yep, she’s sharing her happy or soothing or motherly energy with you.  It’s a surface thing; it rarely goes deeper into your psyche, but, admit it, it does make you feel better.

Now take that small normal human touch and train it.  Strengthen it, focus it.  Now you’re sending quantum energy out, and in.

My younger untrained self needed a defense against all that and against the negative emotion in my childhood home, so my natural shield became stronger.  Once I started studying, and especially when I found a mentor, I learned control and focus and how to assist others without invading their energy.  I’m a diagnostic meta-path – I can sense something’s wrong inside you.  I can touch you and find old injuries, dark spots, stopped energy.  I won’t give a definite diagnosis; in fact, I just say, “Go to a doctor and get a check up.”  I’m not a healer, even though my gentle surface tissue massage will make you feel better.  All I do with that is help your body re-learn how to heal itself, unblock a minor flow, so your body can remember it can heal anything on its own.  It’s not really a massage; it’s a stroking along your energy flow, boosting it a little, so you’ll feel better (and stop making my hands tingle!).

Now, throw the energy catalyst into that mix and, wham!  When I’m “on,” I plunge right through shields, even a trained psychic’s shields.  My spirit-brother described it this way, shortly after we met:  “I have a very strong shield, no one gets in, but you just dove through it and found my soul.  How?”

I was so embarrassed; it’s such a no-no to invade someone like that!  I apologized and tried to explain.  He assured me it was all right, saying, “It felt good.  It was like a burst of Light.”  Oh, geeze, more blushing on my part.  Then he asked, “What is it like?  What did you see?”

Now, I don’t “see” auras (aurae?); I leave that to my son.  No, to me, everyone is energy, and, sometimes, I’ll see colors.  So, I told him he had a lot of blue with some orange and red in his energy, that he had a “good” soul, a long soul (I said “old” back then, but Time is an Illusion, so old isn’t the proper definition – long fits better.).

A few days later, he asked me, “What did you do?”

Do?  I hadn’t done anything, just peeked at his soul.  Brad told me he felt lighter and his psychic sense was stronger.  Curious, he let me check his energy.  Sure enough, the catalyst gift had kicked in and his molecular vibrational frequency had gone up a couple of levels.

Yes, Magic and/or psychic work is a science (and so is prayer).  It’s the science of manipulating energy with focused intent to bring about desired results.  Just because our technology isn’t advanced enough to consistently measure and record it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Hey, no one believed in quantum physics until a few years ago!

We are all just energy in different densities and different forms.  Our molecules vibrate at different frequencies, holding us together, shaping us, and the physical aspects of everything in the world.  When a catalyst comes along (and they’re rare, so don’t expect your local psychic or medium to be able to do this), she can go in, mesh her energy with yours, and bring you up – increase your vibration – to another level.  What does this do?  Well, it increases your ability to use your psychic gifts, and it opens psychic gifts in some.

And, it can be used and exploited.  I had a friend who was already a trained meta-physician.  Unknown to me (and, yes, I’m too naive and trusting as an energy-worker), she was interested in power, controlling others, doing workings to benefit her at the cost of others (all of which I found out later, and only because my kids warned me – I’ve learned to listen and obey when my kids and pets don’t like someone – they are very good “readers” of people!).  She insisted I “turn on” and raise her frequency very high in one session.  I thought I was helping her, and I did, but it was wrong.  She had found an easy way to level up, instead of doing the work herself.  She was a psychic energy-vampire and almost sucked us both up to a level the human body needs decades to reach.

I knew it was wrong and brought us out of it.  I felt awful, sick, dizzy, shaking.  And the visions, woof, that level, that Dimension was not a good place for human energy to visit without an invitation.  Now, that’s how I knew it was wrong.  Energy-work, catalyst work, even channeling (yep, I’m a Voice Vessel, too, a medium, a channel, whatever, ‘cept I don’t get dead humans speaking through me, oh no, I get Higher Level Energy Entities…oh, joy.) – after any meta working, I usually feel upbeat, jazzed, energetic myself.  Not this time.  She had pulled me beyond where we should have gone without decades of frequency work.  I wouldn’t touch her after that and made sure to control any catalyst urges around her, but I still hadn’t learned my lesson.  I still hadn’t kicked her out of our circle.

Fortunately, the next time she tried something, a Great One stepped in.  I was doing a Tarot Card reading for her.  She wanted clarification, she wanted more.  She looked me in the eye and demanded, “Channel my patron goddess.  I command Isis to speak to me.”   Oh no, no, no, human!

First of all, while I’m a mostly conscious channel, I have no control over Who comes through me to visit.  Usually, it’s my sweet She-Who-Laughs (I suspect She is Bast, but She won’t give a Name.  She said, “What need of a Name when One is Energy?”), and, usually, I need to take my two or three cleansing breaths to sink into alpha trance and let one of Them through.

Secondly, you do NOT command any of these higher level entities, great ones, gods, whatevers.  Human arrogance; we have it in spades and it’s our downfall.  No human is a high enough level to command or demand or manipulate these higher beings.  We can pray, ask, hope, yes, but order Them about like lackies, um, no, not gonna happen.

So, one second I’m sitting there aghast at her order, the next second, I’m cowering down deep in my body as an enraged Great Female took over.  I don’t remember exactly what She said to my ex-friend.  I do remember She stood up, threw the Tarot Cards in the woman’s face and shouted something like, “You Dare?!  This, none of this matters.  YOU do not matter.  Never again.”  BOOM!  Like a thunderclap of Power surging through me, my house, that ex-friend.  My throat was sore for days.  And that friend?  She never called me or anyone in our circle again.  We later found out her life and her psychic gifts went downhill from there.

Yep, Karma (or perhaps, Isis) is a bitch when you fuck with Her.

Whoa, okay, this ran much longer than I meant.  I just wanted to answer a friend’s question about my personal energy-workings.  I haven’t even touched on another friend’s question about my “group” soul.  I’ll save that for later.

I hope you enjoyed these snippets, and aren’t too confused!  Feel free to post questions and your own stories.  Let’s Explore this Journey further!  🙂


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  1. Eileen, thank you so much for posting this! I very much enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    I’m still fairly new to working with energies (been at it about 8 years now) and am mostly muddling through it on my own (with some guidance from the Universe). My friend who is working with me on the grids attracts all sorts of other-dimensional beings. And even though I was the only human she was teaching, we had some of these beings show up so she could teach them too (unfortunately they had to wait for me to take the class … the people who “own” the process won’t allow her to teach except when she actually gets paid … twits). Some of them followed me home out of curiosity and hung around a bit … very interesting. I didn’t mention it in my post on the grids because I was afraid I’d freak people out.

    And I’ve gotta say … holy shit are you kidding me? (hope it’s OK to swear a little here) She had the audacity to ‘command’ Isis? *shudders a bit* What an idiot! I had to do some work for Isis and Osiris once … they both scared me silly! LOL My patrons are probably Celtic (though older than most of the Celtic deity) so dealing with these two was an “interesting” experience. They bossed me around for almost a week … and I wasn’t stupid enough to refuse.

    • You’re welcome, sweet lady, and thank you. I, too, worry about freaking people out, but your query nudged me and the Energy wouldn’t let me sit silent. Your grid work sounds so cool; thank you for sharing it!

      Aren’t the other-dimensional beings interesting? Oh, yep, they can be hard to understand – English, well, ANY human language falls woefully short to translate their communications, but “feeling” them does help. And they are so delightfully curious about us in turn! When they follow you home (or if you’ve done the working in your home) and hang out; I always find that entertaining, too. They do freak out my pets, until the animals get used to them or I tell them to play nice with the doggies. The cats must be higher level beings; they get along better with energy entities. We’ve been lucky, we’ve lived in houses that have House Spirits, a Presence, already there, and the couple of darker beings that visited were swiftly dealt with and ousted. I’ve done it myself, with the help of my son, too, but it’s much easier when the House Spirit steps in.

      Yeah, I know! A trained meta and she wanted to order a god-energy entity around? Yikes! Because I have an open belief system, anything and everyone is possible, so lots of different entities come through. Some pantheons are so powerful, but I do like the older ones a lot. Marduk was interesting to have a back-and-forth with. He’s Dark, yes, but I think it’s just the way He has to be. He was so angry, but what I mostly felt was His sadness, and He’s lonely. Once He realized He couldn’t intimidate me, He got curious and settled down. We had a wonderfully interesting chat.

      Oh, damn, this Reply turned out long, too! heh… I’d love to hear more about your visitors! Don’t worry, very little freaks me out now and I LOVE learning! Oh, and swearing is fine, hell, I’m a bar waitress and sailor’s wife, swearing is a given! 😀

      • My dog does pretty well with the visitors here. We’ve never had anything icky show up (and I do keep a pretty strong ward on the house) but she will occasionally corner something in the kitchen. Pretty sure the last one was a gremlin or something similar.

        The two groups that followed me home from “class” were some water spirits and a few entities from a warrior type dimension. The warrior entities were different … very tall (maybe 8 or 9 feet) and very thin. They just could not understand why humans don’t all kill everyone that disagrees with us. And impatient … they couldn’t understand the need for reading and doing actual work and kept insisting that we could just “download” what we needed. 🙄

        The water spirits were very entertaining. I had brought some crystals with me that insisted on visiting Brei (they all love her) and the water spirits spent a lot of time fawning over them. After we got home they were flitting around visiting all my crystals and I pretty much forgot about them … until I took a shower. I was zoned out washing my hair and one of them blurted out “Why are you doing that!?!” Huh? I’m getting clean. “But there are too many chemicals in that water!” At that point they insisted that I place a “net” (energetic … I think inter-dimensional) over the faucet to catch all the “bad stuff”. OK, whatever, can’t hurt right? I just did what they told me to do and they seemed to settle down. Cracked me up though.

        Occasionally I’ll have something pop out at me around work. We have an open area between several buildings and there are fae that like one of the older spruce trees. Once when I was walking by something (it felt like a small griffin) flew at me and tried to land on my shoulder. Sucker startled me but good! And got miffed. I told him if he’d given me some warning I wouldn’t have been so startled but I don’t think he bought it. 😆

        Geeze … talk about long responses! Time to head to bed anyway. Hope you are having a good week dear!

  2. Hi, dragonfae! I don’t mind long posts/comments at all! Oooo, I like the stories of your visitors! LOL-ed about the little ones – the lower level entities like gremlins, sprites, etc. and chuckled with a nodding head about the warriors. Having met something like them, I can visualize their puzzlement.

    I think they are curious because so few of us (humans) and so few of them have been able to interact this way before New Age and Wiccan and pagan people came forth in this past half-century. When you think about and study (Theology, Spiritualism, Energy work, Light work, etc.), I, at least, found that such equality in these relationships seemed lacking.

    In the first thousands of years, humans were attempting to control their fear, be safe, from the Unknown. Some sought Power, some sought just to find Peace. It seemed to me, that religions were created to instill control over the public, to take away some of the fear by taking away the freedom to think and feel the “unseen” and “unknown” for yourself.

    I had a priest call me a “devil” child because I insisted I didn’t need him to talk to my Father. The priest also didn’t like the fact that I refused to say my unseen friends were imaginary friends, figments of my imagination, or Satan speaking to me. He didn’t like being told my friends said he was Dark and not a nice man! heh…

    I love that the shift has happened – that the energy entities and humans are less controlling of each other now. The Dark Great One I had a chat with said humans worshipped Them, feared Them, asked for for boons and such from Them or tried to command Them with rituals, bindings, spells. That was why He was lonely – you can’t have a conversation with a human who is cowering and kneeling in fear before you.

    Maybe They were all lonely, mm, not lonely, really, just unable to really know humans because there was no normal interaction. Now, They can get more than just a glimpse of us and our lives as flesh beings. Now, with Fear of Them out of the way, with some of us letting Them hang around to watch and interact in our lives, They can learn more.

    I don’t know, I do know it’s fun and interesting to have Them be more open with us, to be more open with Them. And we learn more this way from each of them, lower to higher. Maybe someday we’ll be able to communicate better, too! 🙂

    • Hey Eileen!

      Gee, maybe we should have taken this to email … we’re scaring everyone else off it appears! 😆

      The bit about the priest is funny. Probably wasn’t at the time though. Interesting thought on organized religion, I pretty much just got to the point where I was sure it’s not for me and haven’t given it much thought past that.

      With regard to the energetic beings, some do seem to be curious and want to learn about us. Some just seem to want to hang around. I like having fae and dragons around and most of them seem to like being here too, With some of the others I sometimes get a sense of either ambivalence or even disdain. Not sure that’s the right word. Maybe suspicion fits better. Either way, yeah there just aren’t words in any language to describe most of them.

      Well dearie, it’s later than I’d like it to be and I should get my butt to bed. Hope your week is going well! *smooches*

      • Aw, it’s okay; I’m too new to have many readers (but my followers just hit 21! Yay! And thanks, everyone!) and maybe they just aren’t sure what to say yet until they learn more about me. Don’t be scared, lovies, it’s all just Energy! 🙂

        Yes, yes, I know! How to describe the visitors? Or how they feel, look, etc. Aw, the water sprites sound sweet! And yep, the higher ones, well, I almost think they aren’t sure what to think of aware humans (meta-workers) – we aren’t other-blind like normal humans, we aren’t worshippers and fearful of them like from centuries ago, we almost feel like equals to them, but they’re still getting used to human energy hanging out with them – someday, I’ll get one to really (and slowly) explain more to me! 🙂
        In the meantime, it’s just nice to learn more about each other!

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