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I don’t know what to write, if I’ll write more, do a real blog post today.

You see, I was proofing and polishing a part of my manuscript, an intense scene where the villain had a woman strapped to a chair.  Now, he had to make sure she could not move her hands or mouth, speak or articulate any words at all.  I used three paragraphs describing this, carefully crafting how he used duct tape around her jaw and over her head, across and around her throat…

I snort at movies  that show a captive gagged with one piece of tape or cloth.  So stupid.  It’s easy to make a lot of loud noises, including articulate words, that way.  Believe me, I know (and you really don’t want to know why I know).  There are so many moving parts, so many ways we express speech and sound, so if you want your captive to be absolutely silent, you have to stop all those parts from moving.

A ball of cloth shoved down the throat, the classic taping of the lips, something tied around the mouth – done?  Nope.  Hold that jaw still by wrapping the head like a mummy.  Now?  Nope, sorry, you’ve got vocal chords to contend with, so you need to wrap something around your captive’s neck, almost to the point of choking him/her.  There…oops, those lungs and diaphragm can still vibrate, sending out sound.  Tape ’em up tight, like you would tape up broken ribs.  Ahhh….

And then, it hit me.  This particular villain wouldn’t bother with all that.  It’s okay for his captive to make sounds, but he cannot let her speak or make words.  So, I trashed all three paragraphs, throwing off the rhythm of the rest of the chapter, and had my villain just eat her tongue.  After all, he IS a cannibal…

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  1. Yes, I’m sure that’s what he’d go for first!

    • Eileen Eldred said:

      The tongue is supposed to be a delicacy, so, of course, my greedy villain must have it! That, and his knowledge that if allowed to speak, the captive woman can kill him with one word…heh…Thank you, John! It is my honor and pleasure to have you be-bopping on in here! 😀

  2. Great touch. I like it.

  3. I’m sorry but maybe I missed something? You stated in your argument that taping the mouth shut is not enough, there are still vocal chords, lungs, and diaphragm. Just eating the tongue, then, doesn’t seem to solve the problem. I hope I’m not making you re-write one more time…

    • Hi, Doc, thanks for stopping in & commenting. No problem, I didn’t clarify properly: Okay, what happened was that I had the villain immobilize everything to prevent any sound or movement, lovingly detailing it, then realized the villain didn’t have to do all that. He doesn’t care if she can make noise; he just has to keep her from speaking or moving her hands – a word or a gesture from her can kill (Ah, this is what I get for not including the whole chapter to put the scene in context! heee…). So, her hands are still strapped down and now, he eats her tongue to prevent speech. Clear as dirt, right? 😀

      • Thank you. Now the scene makes absolute sense!! Tell me that this is a work of fiction. Please!

      • You’re welcome! Yes, Doc, it’s a work of fiction. I don’t know a real cannibal & doubt one would let me write about him before gnawing my fingers off (I have delectably cute fingers!). I DO know guys (military) who claim they can kill with one finger, and I have a suspicion the females in my birth family could kill with a word (they certainly tried – queens of sarcasm, those bitches, erm….um, TMI rant, sorry!). Thanks again for stopping in & commenting! 😀

  4. wordsfallfrommyeyes said:

    OMG I didn’t expect that!! Just clicked on you for curiosity but you had me fully engaged. You really writing a crazy story? No, I DON’T want to know how you know how, but really a rag in the mouth & one piece of tape doesn’t do it? Never knew that. I’ll keep it in if ever… um… it’s not likely for me!

    Loved the way you finished it. You freaked me!

    • Thank you for visiting & commenting! hee…yep, if you need total silence, the movie gag just won’t do! Aww, my cannibal villain has issues, he’s so misunderstood! 😀 Rewrite is on hold til after the holiday, but yes, hoping the story will get published soon!

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