Freeing the voices in my head

Testing, is this thing on?

I’ve been peeking in WordPress, browsing through blogs for awhile now.  Reconnecting with a couple of high school friends and reading Melissa Crandall’s excellent blogs helped me settle in to finally try my hand at it.

Why so hesitant?  Ah, humans.  We fear Change.  We fear losing control.  We fear looking stupid.  Pick one, pick anything, and you’ll find Fear.  But I love to write and enough friends have read my stuff to enable me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new – a blog.  If I had kept count of how many times someone said, “You should get published,” or “You should write a memoir,” I’d be rich.  Thanks to the Internet, I believe I’ll give it a shot.

This first blog is a test; I am nowhere near as formal (or sane!) as this.  I’ll learn as I go; maybe even figure out how to post pictures!  To some, blogs are like vanity press – we get to talk about ourselves and you can’t stop us.  To me, they are a wonderful way to reconnect, learn how others live, express thoughts and opinions, share stories – fact & fiction.  I’m throttling Fear in the cargo hold and am taking over the controls.  Shall we plunge in?  Like the lady said, “Fasten your seatbelts, boys.  We’re in for a bumpy ride!”


Comments on: "Testing, is this thing on?" (2)

  1. Great start. Keep at it.

  2. Eileen Eldred said:

    Thanks, darlin’!

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